T-Mobile subscriber can activate the MyWallet service in their handset which would allow them to encode a mobile version of the Bialystok City Transport Card (mBKM) on their smartphone.
The Mobile city transport card makes things a lot easier. You can buy tickets and recharge yor mobile wallet online or using the traditional POS.
- While on the bus you can purchase any available ticket using the electronic validating machine just like with a plastic card – said Urszula Bouble, a representative of the Bialystok magistrate.
The Mobile Bialystok City Transport Card works on smartphones equipped with the NFC technology, an NFC-enabled SIM card from T-Mobile and an active MyWallet service.
We know that other MNOs are looking into these possibilities. If they will expand the offer and the trial run will be successful the mobile card will be available for other subscribers – Urszula Boubley added.