The development of innovative Technologies creates a successful and Universal tool services for cryptography and NFC/MIFARE functionalities.
NFC4Mobile carries out projects aimed at the implementation of services that increase the functionality of smartphones.
Our company owns solutions that allow for the emulation of plastic cards (e.g. city transport cars, fan cards, loyalty cards) on your handset.
NFC4Mobile acts as a technological integrator (Aggregator) that connects service providers (e.g. ZTM) with users (e.g. passengers) through the MNO (e.g. T-Mobile) in a way that ensures the safety of the information (keys and data on the MIFARE card – e.g. ZTM card) combined with the comfort of use (online payments or mobile wallet).
Our team of employees and associates using their exceptional experience develops and implements proprietary and innovative IT solutions that can be the basis of an application for EU funding.
NFC-based technologies are now a high priority for MNOs due to the rapidly increasing numbers of NFC-enabled handsets available on the market.